Why Us

The current pandemic situation build by COVID-19, has created a fearful impact in minds of customers related to buying products considered essential in daily life. In such cases people tend to avoid buying any food products from outside and prefer to remain inside their homes to amid the pandemic. It’s important to strengthen your immune systems to avoid getting affected by consuming fresh and safe food products.

SRG Farms & Farmers, is a start- up venture initiated keeping the on-going health crisis of COVID-19 in mind. The reason behind this initiative taken by us is to grow, harvest and deliver fresh organic food products from our own farms to customers. This online platform was built with an intention to deliver fresh produce which is beneficial to increase the immune system. An increased immune system allows the person to defend itself from any kind of deadly viruses. Our company with a transparent food system, is not only able to make convenient for people to eat better through this online platform but also helps various small margin farmers to start their own business with proper consultation and advanced techniques.

The feature that makes us distinctive from rest agri-business companies is the latest quality check infrastructures which supports us to maintain and offer high- standard and nutrition food products directly to customers. Our team consists of well specialized food technicians responsible for conducting quality check frequently, so to achieve our mission to supply healthy and fresh edible products nationwide.